Monday, August 22, 2016

Using What We Have

    It's true that the Attire language is a tool of immense power. We have seen it be wielded by actors, business-people, politicians, and royals for centuries.  We have watched as people of fame have risen and fallen, in part because of the seemingly superficial choices that they made regarding how they presented themselves to all of us in the manner of their dress.

    The thing we tend to forget is that that same power lies within us. We have this same chance, this same tool to use, this same power to put forward into the world. You and I have this same opportunity to shift ourselves into a new realm. You and I have this same facility to make of ourselves something entirely unique.  The Attire language is a mechanism of transformation you can use.  It doesn't require immense amounts of money. It doesn't require couture clothing. It merely requires thoughtfulness.
     I am reminded of the period when I was wearing kilts daily.  I wore a kilt of one manner or another for over a decade.  I have not had one on my body for over two years, yet every day I hear this:  "You aren't wearing a kilt!  I've never seen you in pants."; and this from people who see me multiple times a week. I bring this up because what we choose to present to the society around us manifestly changes how we are viewed, and how people respond to us.  The image of myself I presented was so individual, and so consistent, that people still, multiple years later, have difficulty realizing me in some other way.
                                                             Me, September 22 2012
     This thing I call the Attire language is a huge, complex, and powerful implement.  You have the right, and the ability to make it work for you.  It's a mechanism that can alter your life in ways you want it to. It only remains for you to choose to utilize it in it's most potent forms. If you want to be a creative, then look creative. If you want to be in business, make yourself the image of business. 
    I'll be honest with you all. I've reached a tipping point in my own life. I feel to a degree at sea, rudderless. I am not implying that for me, a change in my choices of apparel would create the changes I am thinking of in my own life.  I bring it up because for many of us, such simple, small changes, can have enormous impact.  And who knows?  Perhaps some shift in how I accoutre myself would move the other changes onward.
    You are a young person wanting to move forward in life and work. You choose to cling to the manner of dress that was yours as a teenager. What happens?  You get shunted aside.  Otherwise, you choose to meet the people you want to work with, the people you want as colleagues on their own ground.  Perhaps instead you get hired.  I do not mean that your skills or intelligence mean nothing; far from it.  Your manner of showing yourself to the world around you shifts the perceptions of those who see you. It may not be fair.  They may be mis-perceiving you.  All that is true.  This remains, however.  If you choose to live and work within the constructs of the society to which you belong, you must work to some degree with the rules already in place.  If you choose not to, then your journey may not be impossible, but it will surely be more difficult, and much longer.
    So what I am getting at here is this.  This immense edifice I call Attire is a powerful adjunct to your potential success in the world, however you perceive success. It is a wise person who chooses how they present to the world with care.  Fame and wealth are not the only goals. In fact, they are the least and last for many of us. That said, we can win out in our own sphere with greater alacrity, when we show ourselves to others in a way that is most effective.
    Think about it.  What can we as individuals do to change up how others see us in a positive way without giving up our own reality?

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