Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sketchy McSketcherson

    I've been asked more than once where my interest in apparel, it's design, history and implications comes from.  I can only reply that I have been fascinated since childhood.  My earliest memories of drawings I did usually involved people in fantastical clothing.  I've been drawing people in clothing historical, contemporary and imagined ever since.  I thought I would do something different from my usual run and share a number of those with you.  Many of these eventually were made real for various of my clients during the years I was doing costume design as a side business.  But some are entirely theoretical.
    So, sit back and enjoy.  You will I hope, get a clearer picture of me and what I'm about here from them; this series of B/W and color illustrations.
                    The client wanted to be Sheherazade.  So here ya go, This is what I designed.

  This is called Mother Harvest. I suspect no one is going to want to present this way. But I love it.
                                             I wore this my very self in days gone far, far by.

                      Narcissus, it was designed for a manifestly self involved client of years ago.

                                          This is another, maybe, someday design. Night.

     A client was going to a party where everyone had to arrive as their favorite cocktail. Pink Lady.

     I have to be honest, I no longer really remember the client. but it was all about Romeo and Juliet, as I recall.

        Dragonmaster. Honestly I would love the chance to build this in real terms. One day, maybe.
     I made this up as a wedding dress for a client who wanted a 19th century wedding. The wedding dress version was in white, and off while silk. This version was meant to be a traveling costume. Never made. It was identical in cut and decoration to the wedding dress, simply in other materials and colors.

                                       Ukraine, only a notion, but I'd love to do it one day.

                                                 Caliph, for a long time client of mine.

                                    A concept for kilted dressing, while I was always en kilt.
                                En Visite, for a client of mine who is sadly no longer with us.


               I called this, The Widow.  I would love to actually make this for someone, one day.

                                     Parts of things. I always have something in my head.

                                       I made this for myself for Halloween, AGES ago.

         A jacket design for 1900. I made this up in dark green velveteen with silver beadwork for a client.

                                            This item is called, China. Never really made.
                                            Just a thought. A different manner of men's dress.
                             Titled, Gaucho, this was made for a client of mine in the 1990s.


  1. I realize you posted this a couple of months back, but wow, those are amazing as designs and beautiful as drawings!

    1. Very kind of you to say so. It's much appreciated.

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