Monday, December 28, 2015

Helping Hands


  1. The book sounds like a cool idea, and certainly a logical outcropping of your work. I like the composite nature of your postings. Maybe you should consider organizing the book into themes or categories of some kind. A friend of mine recently published a book on the lost restaurants of Columbus, Ohio, and rather than just going through them alphabetically, he organized them as "fine dining," "casual dining," "chains," "delicatessens," etc.. The other suggestion I'd make to anyone wanting to publish a book is to find a good editor, preferably somebody who knows the business. I"m excited about the possibility of this book. I hope to see it soon!

  2. Thanks, Mark! I appreciate your thoughts and your support. I want to avoid a simple chronology. I am considering beginning with first causes; how the language began, and then expand to discuss the various mechanisms that operate within it, that give it structure. As to an editor, I have someone in mind who even lives in the Bay Area, so we could occasionally meet in person.