Thursday, December 31, 2015

Get Your Glad Rags On

    Well, folks, we have managed to skid all the way to the close of 2015.  It is New Years Eve.  I want to begin this post with a hearty thank you to all of you out there who trouble to read my posts and keep me going with this passion of mine.  You are all appreciated, though I don't know all your names. 
    Many people will be out there ringing in the new year in their best array. Other folks will be keeping it cozy and quiet, like me and my Sweet Fella.  But if you are going out there, may I take a few minutes of your time to make some suggestions about what to wear?   Just a nice sampling of gorgeous evening wear to drool over as you dress for your night of fun and frolic.
    With all my very best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous and of course, stylish New Year.  Be Well, All!


  1. All marvelous choices! And a very Happy New Year to you, dear Paul! xo

  2. Thanks, Stephen. I hope you and Gigi have a glorious year! Huge Hugs.