Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Otherworldly Voice: Yulma Nakazato

    Seeing these designs by Avant Garde artist Yulma Nakazato, I was instantly struck by how eerie and off planet they seemed.  It was as though we were getting a visitation from some alien species that we can only partly comprehend.  The proportions of the work are the most readily understood.  But from there it diverges into unknown, uncomfortable territory.
    Working exclusively with shiny metallic looking materials the garments all have a carapace-like look to them, as though the being is partly insectile.  And of course, created as these are only a few rock stars and really out there artists could even attempt these ensembles.  But the point here is to journey, to take a moment of time to look outside, in this case quite far outside our normal realm and consider. 
    What should we be considering?  All manner of things really.  What is the meaning of our personal roles within our culture?  What constitutes beauty?  Is beauty a true constant, or is there an aspect of it that retains fluidity?  What does our sexual identity mean?  How does it manifest in our personal use of the Attire language?
    Sure, looking at work of this sort can and does create eye twitches for most of us, sometimes even for me.  But it is the consistent willingness to challenge oneself that helps us to grow.  That is certainly no less true of the Attire language and what it can contribute to us as it is of anything else that is such an intrinsic part of our lives.  So, take a good long look and see what is to be seen, not just superficially, but the inner workings as well.  I think it can well repay the time.


  1. The textile work alone is astounding. Truly beautiful and different work.