Thursday, March 27, 2014

Some Kinda Manifesto, I Guess.

    It is time and then some for me to get real about my reason for doing this blog; and its sibling on facebook.  I have been during my life a keen observer of the human condition, and of how that surfaces in our choices of apparel and adornment.  For more than 40 years now, I have been reading about, studying, and creating garments. 
    That we use our clothing and accessories to express our emotional, psychological, and spiritual states is manifestly obvious.  What continues to be obtuse however is that though this pervades every corner of our global society, and has done so for nearly all its existence, we insist upon making that fact trivial.  Somehow, we continue to choose not to acknowledge the obvious importance of the fact that we clothe ourselves, and that we do so with such wild variety, and expressivity.

    With these thoughts in mind, it is my purpose here and on facebook to attempt to address that lack of willingness. Additionally, I want to try to elevate the discussion beyond the level of reportage that only talks about trend, and silhouette.  I will attempt here to create a place where the dense, complex semiotic language we call Attire can be more fully examined. 
    We all use this language every day of our lives, and most of us, 24/7/365. Though this is a true, easily observable fact, we most often don't know what the words we are using mean; or how they relate, one to another.  I want to bring a discussion to the table that helps to clear some of the confusion, and gives a stronger understanding of what it is exactly that we do, when we dress each day.
    Along the way I want to have some fun with this as well, and share it with you all.  Our sartorial language is not a deadly serious one, and there are many aspects of it that give genuine reason to smile.

    I also will want to share the sheer untrammeled beauty of this incredibly complicated form of communication.  Sometimes there is no reaction possible beyond, wow.

    So, I hope you will stick with me on this journey, and give your input along the way.  It isn't all about me, after all. We have built this language together, and we will only come to understand it better, with each other's help.
 Many Thanks.

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