Saturday, June 14, 2014

More Stuff!

    In response to folk who wanted to see more of my work, here's another plate of various things.
    To start off, here are some interesting process shots which show the progression of the embroidery work for a piece I called "Rune Collar" which I did for a client many years back.  Stretched on a  24 inch hoop the white linen base fabric has the design drawn on it.  The framework for the collar is gold cord which was couched into place.  Then each rune gets a padding of cord to give it extra dimension. Once that is done, the rune is embroidered by couching rayon cord into place.  Then the background for each section is covered with cupped sequins worked face down to create a slightly padded look. The whole collar was finished with the bead swags and antique crescent moon sequins, which was worked separately and added at the end.
    Here's a sketch of a period piece I did for a wedding.  The bride wore this off white and white floral brocade dress with knife pleated insets and bias ruffles.  Her corset was made by a company here in SF first so that measuring and fitting would be accurate.
    I did this costume for a friend who was at the time a member of the SCA.  Here's the sketch, and the finished work.
    I called this piece, "Sanguine"  Its glass pebbles, normally used in floral arrangements attached to a piece of red leather.  I thought it was deliciously wicked looking.
    Here's something I've never actually built, though I'd love to get the chance one day.

    This piece is called "Joy Mandala".  It' embroidered with wood, glass, plastic and metal beads, stampings, and sequins.  It took roughly 80 hours to complete.  It makes me smile, each time I see it, which was naturally, the point.
    Here's client of mine in a fantasy costume I did for him. He wanted to be a sexy god.  He said I got the job done.  Structurally it took no time at all.  The vast majority of the time involved was the embellishment work.
    And to finish up for now, a little something I put together for myself for Halloween.  Does he love color? Um yeah, he does.