Thursday, June 26, 2014

You Look Great!

    We hear that all the time, sometimes about ourselves, and we often say it to others.  What do we mean, and what do we see, when we say someone looks great?
     In terms of Attire's language what it means is that all the parts create a seamless whole, and that everything contributes, both to revealing some part of the true spirit of the observed person, and also to elevating their appearance by making the most of whatever they've got.
    We all stumble now and again, sartorially. We choose things that, though we like them, don't really suit us for one reason or another.  Perhaps they don't fit right, but we liked them so much we didn't care. Perhaps they aren't exactly the right color, or texture, but close enough that we said yes, when perhaps we should've said no.  Do I have things in my closet right now that are examples of this?  I sure do. We all do.
    Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not advocating that everyone be blandly adherent to some arbitrary notion of conventional beauty, far from it, actually.  What I am championing here is that you find your own flag, and fly it without reservations. If school marm from Little House on the Prairie is who you really are, then GO there.
  If your are Mr Preppy, then by all means grab those Bass Weejums and get out in the world.
  If you love to live every aspect of your life on the edge, then don't let yourself down sartorially, in order to please others.  Because, when it comes to it, what pleases others most is when we see someone being utterly true to themselves.
    That, more than any other factor is what makes us, or anyone else, look great. So, when you choose clothing for yourself, be diligent about it.  Make sure it addresses these few points fully.
    1:Style.  Is it one you instantly feel good about the idea of?
    2:Fit. When you put it on, can you move with ease and without discomfort (unless its specific reason is restriction) ?
    3:Color. when your eye rests on it, do you smile inside?  When you hold it below your face, does your face light up a bit?
    4:Quality of construction.  Turn something inside out, check inside the pockets, and look at the way it hangs on a hanger.  If there are loose threads here and there, buttons that don't seem too secure, or places where there are wrinkles that have nothing to do with having been handled, then trust me when I say that you won't be happy in the long run.
     One final word is this; experiment.  When you're out looking for something, make a point to try on something you'd "never wear".  You just might be surprised what happens when you put it on. We only learn new words when we try them, and the same is true for Attire.  We only expand our vocabulary, when we feel free to try new things.

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