Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scatter# 8

    M'kay, so this time the scatter for the week is all gonna be man things. Though probably not what you'd expect. (Then again, knowing me as you do, I may be wrong about that.)
    First up, this amazing parade helmet is made of straw. It was fashioned in 1521 and is inlaid with silk velvet in green red and blue and augmented with occasional metal sequins held down with beads.  That this gorgeous thing survives at all is astonishing, considering the fragility of the materials involved.
    Next is David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust persona.  Why?  Because this man really helped us to start breaking the walls of sexual rules and regs.  He was and is a true ground-breaker, who has made challenging our perceptions about gender and role a lot easier to take that before his arrival.  And sartorially he helped a generation of men feel freer to express their inner peacock.
    When I first saw this image I instantly remembered what polyester knitwear like that felt like.  It felt rather like wearing a pot scrubber.  But boy howdy did we love us some sweaters like this back in the day.  Don't judge us, older folk younglings, you'll look back with wistful regret yourself someday, count on it.  Plus the chicken. What the hell?
    This gorgeous jewelry beard of golden leaves is an extraordinary conceptual piece.  I love the way it both refers to and accentuates maleness while at the same time restricting action by covering the mouth.  Its an interesting juxtaposition.
    Next, an man's evening dress.  Yep, thass what I said.  You know me and the notion of breaking gender barriers. This appeals to me both for that reason, and for the sheer beauty of the image. the whole look is just great.
    I love this street look for two reasons. First is a trifle nostalgic, cause it makes me think of my own youthful experimentation, back in the day.  Second, I love the interplay of textures and tones here.  And the potential seriousness of the fake monkey fur vest, completely offset by the shorts, knee socks, kicks, and leopard hat.
    There is a new baroqueism that is rearing its head on the sartorial front.  Now, I didn't coin that term, and to be frank I'm not sure I agree with the appropriateness of its application. This image is a play to that growing trend.  I love the clashing, yet harmonious patterns, the necklace and it must be said, the model. (ahem)
    Yes, even I see that this is just plain silly.  The tweed jacket is kinda awesome, but the skort is oddly proportioned and the runway accessories make him look like an anime character, and not in a good way.  But sometimes, ya know, you just gotta giggle at what we crazy humans get up to.

That's all for now, folks!

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