Thursday, July 31, 2014

Attire Utopia

    I plan to wax utopian, so bear with me here, folks. We're not talking about reality, just a vision of the future I wish could come to pass.
    Recently, a poster on my facebook blog had something negative to say, and it really got me to thinking about the goal I have in my head and my heart for all this, "stuff".
    I really do believe that if we were to give each other the complete freedom to dress as we wish, without fear of societal reprisals, we would in part, at least, create a happier world for ourselves and those around us. Sure, I can't begin to think that this would be a cure to all social ills, especially when so many people in the world have little to wear, and no choices of importance in that regard. So I will confine myself, if I may, to ourselves, and the world we inhabit.
    I daily see, hear, and feel expressed such animus towards others, that is based solely on how they have chosen, or how their life situation has compelled them to, express themselves through their dress, that it makes me sad sometimes.  I wish so fervently that we could get ourselves past this superficial negative judgement and allow ourselves to see the core truth being transmitted to us by these others in our world.
    All of us desire to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and known, not just for our outer selves, but for our essential selves.  And of course we, all of us, want to be loved, and respected.  So, to that end we adorn ourselves in multifarious ways, sometimes to the distaste, consternation and confusion of others. But if we would only choose to take the time to look deeper, see further, and allow more, we could ease so much that pains us all.
    When we ourselves dress each day, its with an incomplete understanding of what it is we are about.  No one, me included, understands every nuance of how Attire works; so we make our way out into the world, often blundering a bit this way or that.  And there are endless sources of on line information telling us how to get it" right".   But, if we keep in that none of us fully grasps all this, and manage to apply that same thought to others, we can relax a bit, and allow some errors and misjudgements, on our way to a better understanding.
    You might be seeing this and asking if I'm not undoing everything I've said so far about Attire as a language and its validity.  I don't see that problem.  Attire is a useful way of communicating, one person to many.  What does not need to happen though is the negative judgements that we so often resort to.  Allowing ourselves to see fully, but withhold judgement, till we know who we are looking at in truth, helps everyone in the end.
    What I hope for is that we can learn to take this language and use it more fully, to express ourselves more effectively, and to understand others more completely.  I want us to get to a place where anyone can wear the things that truly express their nature and state of being, without reproach or apologies.
  Its a utopian dream, I know. So sue me.

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