Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Power To Transform

    I've posted recently on facebook about the transformative power of the headdress both for men and for women.  It bears expanding on.
    When we put on a hat, there is of course a level of alteration that happens for us. we state something about ourselves loudly, or accentuate the major comments we are making with our other apparel by choosing a hat to finish the sentence.  There is a line, however, between a kind of headgear we wear for real life and one that makes the chameleon process complete.  We become someone or something else entirely from the real.
    Headdresses in history have been used for reasons, religious, political, sexual, artistic, humorous, revelatory and concealing.  But what makes them so powerful, and I believe that part of it comes from their tendency to completely cover the scalp, encasing our brains, is that they are not meant to be normal in any way. 
    We use a headdress to signal massive temporal power, access to divinity, and as a billboard to proclaim wealth, status and influence.
    Typically, I would go image by image and relay my thoughts on each one.  But I think each of these speak so loudly and effectively that I will let them do all the rest of the talking today.

    Think on how each one makes you feel.  What is your response to each person, transformed as they are?
    Hit it, Headressed ones!


  1. You've apparently omitted the wimple. :)

    1. Oh, not a bit of it. I was/am planning a whole post on religious attire and its meanings and effects.

  2. Liz was hardly just any ASPiring actress . . . .