Thursday, July 24, 2014

Changing Faces

     Not only does the image of beauty change from the neck down, but from the neck up as well.  Our perceptions of what we call a beautiful face shifts along with our cultural norms for art, architecture and all other things affected by our internal aesthetic gauge.
    And its not just the ladies who morph constantly, men too are subject to this seemingly random set of choices that results in a certain shape face or placement of feature being called beautiful.
    To my mind it all comes down to one thing.  All the people who are considered to be beautiful, somehow inhabit the time in which they live, fully.  They never look out of place or out of their depth.  In other words they always look resolutely of their time, whatever time that may be.
    And it is the special grace of some to transcend their time, and move gracefully through towards the end of their days, retaining not the perfections of youth, but the substance of their individual beauty, which always and ever has nothing to do with the physical, and everything to do with what exists within.
    So that is my point for today.  Beauty, anyone's, including yours, has little in the end to do with perfect proportions, or gleaming white teeth; it has to do with what we choose to face our lives with, and what we give to the world freely.
    Here's a collection of beautiful folk from across the last 120 years.  Some sailed smoothly thorough, others not. And some are with us now.  Take a good long look at these faces.  Every one of them has its own quirks.  None of these faces are really perfect, but they are all, just like us, beautiful.


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