Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scatter #14

    Your weekly dose of scattered glories and ephemera is ready to  roll!
    First on the docket today this really unusual suit from, wait for it, 1906,  Yes that's right this gloriously colorful silk paisley double breasted suit was designed to be worn for smoking.  So a gent could lounge and smoke his pipe or cigar in ease, comfortable in the idea that he was still chic as hell.  I could absolutely see some daringly fashionable man of today rocking this to great effect.  LOVE the color combination.
    This is a polonaise style dress from 1775.  In glazed cotton chintz it was extremely fashionable spring and summer wear, and would've been relegated to more casual pursuits. The gathers on the back were controlled by tapes inside with rings attached so the lady could raise the skirt to whatever level she wished, or wear it down if it was her mood.  I love the restrained colors of this, and the perfect working of the stripes.
    These really caught my eye.  They are pants with coat tails on them.  As a surrealist reference I love them.  Practical they are not.  But they are deliciously witty.
    Miss Ann-Marget giving uber-stylish sixties glamor queen to us full force.  Its a fabulous glamazon look that over-scales everything to wonderful effect.  And I love the fierce expression on her face. I'm dying to know what she's thinking.  Because of her sex kitten image it was rare for her to get the high fashion treatment, so this is a special image.  I think she pulls it off admirably.
    This man's coat is a frock style coat from the 1830s.  Its made of beaver cloth, with a beaver collar. I love the shape of this coat, and the colors as well.  Sure, these days beaver would be off the materials menu, but its a fantastic look at a lavish piece of menswear from the early mid 1800s.  I want loden green pants, a very dark brown coat to wear under this, a beaver skin topper and a wonderful carved walking stick.  Thanks.
    The 1960s, with the rise of women's place professionally sparked a truly odd sort of backlash fashion.  Here we have a trio of ladies all dressed as little girls in their gingham and eyelet lace.  They are all wide eyed innocence.  Totally at odds with the ever louder voice of women demanding to be taken seriously at last.
    This arresting image caught my attention for that amazing painted  chest piece, primarily.  To be honest, though the model is a hottie, I would have preferred it to be shown on someone with far less ink.  I think in this case it distracts the eye.  But overall I really dig this quasi religious/tribal gear. It has a strong Indian vibe that seems inspired by the Hindu religion.  And I do love the fact that inspirations and items from all sorts of traditions are now fair game to be gleaned and put together with all kinds of other disparate elements.
    Final item today is not something from worth, but rather some knock your eye out bling.  This lavish parure of jewels is done in pink topaz and diamonds, and includes a full diadem, a necklace, a  brooch and earrings.  Feast your eyes in this stuff kids!  Them's some Joolz!

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