Sunday, July 6, 2014

Its Golden

    This is a different sort of post from my usual run.  Its more of a statement of intent on my own part, and a suggestion for all of you out there.
    As we get older, for many of us the tendency is to get more rigid in many ways, and this is no less true of our approach to Attire than anything else.  But we short ourselves when we allow this to happen.  Why?  Because as we age, we have the chance to not only jettison the things that mean less, or no longer work, but we have an increasing freedom to tell the world to just get over itself, and let our individuality shine forth brightly.
    I called this a statement of intent on my part, and its true to a significant degree.  I have been a full time kilt wearing dude for a decade now, and recently discovered that though I had felt freed by that choice in years past, that now I was feeling hamstrung by that same choice, as though I had no longer the freedom to wear pants if I chose to. Additionally, doing this blog, where I champion the notion of Attire as a language and encourage others to explore and play in this vast, varied world, it would be a disservice to you all were I not to play in that same world myself to as great a degree as I might.
    So I have created for myself a challenge to keep trying new things, new shapes, colors, styles and manners of dressing, both to grow my own vocabulary, and to walk the walk that I talk.
    The suggestion then, is that each of us take the golden chance that lays before us.  It needn't beggar us, as so much is out there to be had for less cost if you can bring yourself to thrift store shop. (And a friend reminded me once that very often, vintage clothes, if that's to your taste are better made and have more style that a good deal of what's new).  Step out of your sartorial comfort zone a bit, and find new ways to tell the world who you are, and what you're feeling.
    Herewith are a random sample of some amazing looking mature folk, all flying their particular flags of style proudly. They range from ferociously out there, to fairly conservative, but in each case the message is clear.

I Am Myself.

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