Friday, August 15, 2014

Secrets & Revelations

    I feel the need to weigh in on something.  Its been on my mind a good deal, since discussing Attire will always mean bringing our critical skills to bear on things seen on others.  See, the Attire language, being so complex, far reaching and intrinsic to our lives, has enormous power, both to help and to harm. that said, what gives me pause, is the need for all of us, (myself included), to be very careful about how we approach such judgements.  Its all too easy for us to flippantly state that something is ugly, inappropriate or tasteless.  All too easy.
    What is harder, but far more important is that we refrain from applying those comments to the person in those clothes. First of all, its our perceptions only that we are expressing, since we are not inside their heads to know their intent and meaning.  Second, and more importantly, we all share one thing.  Each of us has our pain, torment and secrets.  We all have our dark unsettled places.  We all have our hidden tender spots.
                                Images are from the Nissan "People Are Fragile" campaign.

    What I challenge myself to do is always to bring as positive a spin to my assessments as I can. And to be frank, if I can't say anything good whatever, then I don't speak about it. You won't see me opinionating about the People of Walmart or anything of that sort. If you do, then call me on it, cause its not what I'm here for.
    So, I'm suggesting you look deeply, and think fully about what you are seeing, when you look critically at others Attire statements.  What others choose to reveal or conceal with their raiment is a window into their secret selves, their fragile hearts, and as such we gain a great deal from kindness.

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