Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Its All About

    Okay, so here's the thing.  I was going to do a vid post, in fact I shot two different ones but blogspot in its perversity won't post them.
     I need to ask for your help.  You see, I am, end of the day, not very good with this whole self promotion thing.  It doesn't come easily to me, and I hate imposing myself on others. It feels somehow, wrong to me.  I will blame my upbringing for that, if I must.
    So, I'm asking you this, please, share these posts around. If you know folk who are into sociology, history, psychology or fashion, then by all means tell them about this.  If you've found yourself seeing something differently because of this, then tell someone about it.  See, at the end of the line what are we about here on this planet, beyond sharing our stories and telling each other of our experiences?    So please, do me a favor, and maybe someone else a favor, and share this forward.
    We only have ourselves to benefit, and who knows how we could change our world for the better if we do?  Share what you know.  Not just my thoughts and experiences, though that's the subject here and now; but your life and knowledge.  We can only grow if we grow together.  Our world is increasingly crazy, and we see avenues of contact shrinking, while we text.  Open your mind, open your heart. Share this. Share what you know.  Who knows who's life you might change?

    It might just be your own.


  1. Done and done. I found you through a friend who passed along your info this week, and I passed it along to three women who work in theater costuming. Your site is well written and fun, with just a smidgen of snark. Hurrah!

  2. Hi Laura!
    Welcome, and thanks for the boost up. Its appreciated, and well are your nice comments. Have fun here! I look forward to hearing your further commentary.