Friday, November 28, 2014

Beauty Is Everywhere Different

    This is just a straightforward paean to the wondrous diversity that is human expressive beauty as seen through the lens of Attire's language.  We let ourselves get so locked into thinking that what is beautiful exists in fairly narrow confines.  That what we consider to be appealing with regard to our apparel must follow universal guidelines and never be deviated from.  Of course in our hearts we know this to be untrue, yet we largely cling to it. perhaps its the force of the media, or perhaps social pressure. Most likely its both, and much more.
    The fact remains that everywhere you go on our amazing planet, our equally amazing fellow humans come up with endless methods of making beauty for themselves out of wildly disparate things.
    With that in mind and heart, a series of images of sheer human wondrousness.  We can forget that there is so much beauty around in this seemingly ever darkening world.  Take heed, take light, and take your own beauty out into the world to share.

Beauty is everywhere different, and always the same.