Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Billboarding Our Lives

    We are all painfully aware of the incredible demands being made on our attention daily.  Our personal devices, and computers are the least of it, really.  We are being asked to pay attention to endless news, advertizing, and other things in our world that are attempting to claim us for a moment.  So as a result, for an increasing number of people, the need to be heard and seen in terms of Attire has had its game upped.

    We are no longer, many of us, content to wear our clothes and let them speak for us.  Perhaps we feel the message is neither clear enough, or loud enough to be heard above the growing societal din.  So, we took a concept that had been born in the 60s, the printed tee, and we've run with it.
    Now, we use the basic tee shirt to express in imagery and words, things we cannot express as clearly with our clothes.  Any and all of our opinions and positions are available to be spoken out loud by our tee shirts.  And if there isn't one that says what you want, you can get one custom done on line and shipped to you in days.
    As a social phenomenon, its fascinating. As a variation on the Attire language its entirely new and is daily changing how the language gets used and what, exactly, gets said.
    Though the Attire language is replete with examples of various social, political, even familial connection being expressed by clothing items, colors or patterns.  But the actual use of text in the way its being used now, as declarative statements, is entirely new.  And this new method of sartorial communication is really only just getting its legs under it.  Who knows how far this will go?  Certainly not me.

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