Friday, November 14, 2014

Think About It

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  1. Oh yes, I do agree with you. In our Western society where we have a wide freedom of choice in our apparel, what we choose to wear says a great deal to the world about who we are, what our mood is that day, how we feel about coming into contact with the public, how we feel about our life as it is, and how we feel about ourselves. Whether or not we realize it consciously when we look at someone, we “get it” – we understand a great deal about that stranger simply on first glance. 80% of communication between us humans is beneath all the words, and how we dress is part of that silent 80% that does indeed speak even louder than words.
    BTW, I have just tonight (3/6/2019) discovered your web site, and I am delighted to find someone who seriously contemplates the psychological implications of apparel especially – and all the other implications as well.
    Costuming has been a passion and an avocation with me for my entire life: From the time when I was 5 years old and asked my mother if black and yellow went together for the striped gown in my coloring book that I was working on, I’ve been a highly responsive colorist and experimental architect of clothing – and have over the years worked with fraternity competitive performances, community theater, and my children’s and my own clothes.
    Computer science took over my working life, but the passion for costuming has never waned. I’m well past retirement now, and I buy my clothes readymade. However, the mind never tires of gaining more knowledge about costuming the world wide.
    So, thank you for your website, Paul Ellis. I’m grateful that you are online.
    Sarah Pasch