Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bejeweled, Bedecked, Bedazzled

    Now and again, I need to just plain stand still for a moment, and consider the range of expression, and awesome creativity that is part and parcel of being human.  We don't even really think about it most of the time.  We just get out there and do it. We live it constantly.  Perhaps not to the level of what I'm showing you here, but we do at least aspire to it.  And that inborn thing, that need to get to that special place, drives us forward constantly.  And I don't necessarily mean us as individuals, because there are those who eschew all sorts of overt display, but us in the larger sense. 
    So even for those who don't choose to partake in person, there is a connection, and a subtle movement forward, through the avenue of creative effort as it is done by others, but seen by us.
    Here is a random sampling of things that speak about this to me, as I hope they will to you.  Whenever I get to feeling sad about how things seem to be going in the greater world, I can look at this and say with truth that we humans have got some very fine points, indeed.

Ta Da!

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