Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What It Comes Down To

    According to the world population clock there are 7 Billion, 301 Million, 524 Thousand people on the planet as I type this at 7 PM on Sunday 03/15/15. By the time you read this it will be much more.  500,000 or more, more.
    What does this mean to us? Each of us, individually, I mean?  What does it mean?

    It means this.  We, each of us, are straining available resources, each and every day.   Even if we don't realize it. We are.  We think that what we are doing has little effect on the globe, but it does.
    Sure each little bit is infinitesimal, but added together, its massive, and world changing.  I don't advocate abandoning the Attire language at all.  Not a bit.  But what I do advocate is this.  Be more concerned about what you do, and how you do it.  Think about where things come from, who makes them, and what they must endure to do it.  If we are going to continue to use this vital semiotic language I call Attire, then we must take heed, now.
    There are so very many of us sharing this increasingly small place we call Earth.  Its all we have. If we do not choose to share it fairly, effectively, and wisely, a lot of us will be edited out, and that means people we love, and maybe ourselves.  If we do not want to lose those we love for this reason, then we must move forward consciously.  Be more careful. Give more consideration to what we use and purchase, and from whom.  I don't mean for one second that our expressions within the Attire language should be curtailed. But only that you and I should choose more carefully, what we might deign to say.  Perhaps we might speak less often, but to far more effect.

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