Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dancing On The Edge With Viktor & Rolf

    From the very first time I saw anything from the design team Viktor and Rolf, I knew I was seeing the work of not only two people with phenomenal imagination, but also a gasp worthy understanding of the medium in which they work.  What they create is more than avant garde, it reaches a level of art many avant garde designers neither desire to, or can attain.   Many designers who work in that realm are less than perfect technicians.  Viktor and Rolf, however,  are able to use their remarkable understanding of the physics behind what textiles do to create things that would leave most design professionals scratching their heads in perplexity.
    Looking at a range of their work, they clearly inhabit a world of fantastical dreams where simple realities like gravity have no meaning.  They are also significant commentators, and sometime satirists, who have no problem pointing out the obsessive nature, and sometime absurdity of their own profession.
    For this post I'm going to step aside, and let this parade of images tell the tale of their talent and mindset, more clearly than I ever could.