Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Gleeful Romp

      The connection between the observance of Easter, and of ancient rites associated with the coming of Spring, of fecundity, and of the renewal of life is obvious.  And it has, over time become a joyous explosion of frivolity, allowing people of all sorts to get their silly on in a big way.  We give ourselves license to play, to express fun in grand scale, and to make enormous visual jokes that we can wear for a day.
    Everyone needs the chance to occasionally throw aside their conventionality, and let themselves free to run around like a big old goof ball.  Even if what that means in reality is simply getting it together to haul out the old glue gun and slap some plastic eggs and marshmallow peeps on a store bought hat.
    Living in San Francisco, I feel especially fortunate in this regard since the Sister's of Perpetual Indulgence host a huge Easter picnic party each year, and thousands of folk trick themselves out in whatever they think speaks about Easter, and Spring, and fun.  So with that said, just some images to make you smile, to remind you that we need fun for fun's sake, and that silly is its own best reward at times.
Have a wonderful Holiday, should you choose to indulge!

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