Monday, April 6, 2015

Living In Color: Manish Arora

    One of the purposes implicit in the making, and wearing of garments is the transmission of joy.  Our wearing of clothes is far more than simply the desire to place ourselves properly in the world, or to state to others our position, and purpose.  Nor is it as simple a matter as the desire for a mate.  part of what we get out of it, is delight.  We get delight in the viewing of others whose apparel and person pleases, and we give such delight as we may by the same methods.
    Indian born and based designer Manish Arora has, at the heart of his work a delicious, and uncontainable desire to delight, to bring joyful abandon, and exuberance to the world.  By marrying the aesthetics of his home place, Mumbai, the brilliant color available through modern technology, and awesome technical skills, Mr Arora has season by season created garments that are meant, more than any other thing, to dazzle the eye with pleasure.  His color combinations, and choices of embellishments are often quite literally mezmerizing.  So take a good look, not just at the color and sweep of his work, but at the breathtaking workmanship in every detail.  He has become a new favorite of mine, appealing to the magpie in me.

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