Friday, September 12, 2014

Tell Me!


  1. Thanks for the consideration, dear heart. I have to say that what appeals to me most about your wonderful blog is when you use fashion "of the period" to shed light on the period itself. For example, your recent post about 30s fashion, how it was different from what came before and what has come since, and what it tells us about the 30s in general. As you know, I'm an historian at heart, and I firmly believe that, at the end of the day, artifacts are the proof that's in the pudding. I'm also interested in knowing some of the more arcane details of antique fashion trends, such as how the fashion of the 1820s was different from the fashion of the 1870s, but that might just be my little personal eccentricity that doesn't have mass market appeal. I'd also be really interested in having you enlighten me on what's going down runways nowadays, what's yummy, what's just weird, and what you think it all means. Last but not least, this is YOUR blog, and you need to listen to your own muse. Don't start caring TOO much about what the rest of us want from you. You're an artist, not a panderer. Be fierce. Have an uncompromising opinion, put it out there, challenge me with it, and be confident when your instincts tell you that you're right and I'm wrong. Proclaim, don't echo. The world needs your voice.

    1. Dear Mark,
      You are such a deeply kind and thoughtful man. Thanks for everything you said here. The notions you present for subject matter will be put into the hopper for consideration. And fear not that I will allow Attire's mind to pander. Nothing could be further from my hopes for it. In this instance, I was mostly trolling for some new ideas, and I have no problem with allowing all of you to be a part of that process.
      Your words inspire and support me, my friend. Thank you.

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