Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Ephemeral

    "Like the dew on the mountain,
     like the foam on the river,
     like the bubble on the fountain,
     thou art gone, and forever."

     Wonderful 19th century poetry, and perfectly apropos of this post.  See, when we wear a certain combination of things, and we stamp it with our internal approval, because we like how we look or feel, or we get complimented on it, we go back to it again.  We try to create that same feeling of deep seated satisfaction that goes with knowing we are presenting ourselves in the way we truly wish to, and that others see that in the way we do as well.
     The trouble is, we really can't fully go back.  Like any other experience we have, it is utterly unique to the moments it inhabited.  Each time we put that same grouping of apparel words together and sally forth into the day, we are going somewhere different, feeling different physically, probably thinking and feeling different things within ourselves as well.  Perhaps that day we are not feeling up to snuff and have chosen that outfit because it made us feel good and we hope it will improve our mood.  Maybe we have it on to re-live some experience we had when we wore it first.  Or maybe we simply chose it because it became a go to combination.
     Whatever the subtext for our choice, the message we show to the world each time is subtly altered, because the person within the clothing is subtly altered.  We may have gained or lost a bit of weight, our hair might be different, or perhaps our internal issues are showing in our physical manner and movements.  It all contributes to the final message any viewer of us sees.  Even if that person is not someone with finely honed observational skills, the differences communicate.  We just plain know.
    So it is like the dew on the mountain.  We cannot recreate what has gone before, we can only create some new visual statement from previously used Attire words.  And perhaps that's a good thing.  Thinking about each day as a new place to go, a new set of discoveries and adventures, is an exciting idea.  And we can incorporate that notion into our apparel conversation with the world.
  So, next time you yank out a favorite ensemble of things, try and think of it as though you've just thought of it for the first time, and take that sense of fresh view into your day.  Might just be a wonder.

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