Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We All Contribute

    It was recently suggested to me by the man-o-my-dreams, that I talk about how those with little to live on take part in, and contribute to, the overall dialog that is the Attire language.  It inspired me right off as a bit of a challenge.  Its easier really, to talk about fine design, and abundant details, as being expressive in an apparel sense.  Harder, when what is there to discuss is not so fine, or as abundant.

    But the reality is this: we, all of us, take part in this global conversation.  Even if we are part of a culture where clothing is largely optional because of climate, we are still involved.  The only thing that differs really, is whether our physical extras, those things we put about ourselves, are part of a vast store of options, or a narrow one.  A sari of cotton, that has seen very much use, is every bit as expressive of life as a fine silk one woven with gold threads. In many ways its far more so. The old cotton sari speaks about labor, hardships faced, and life lived.  The silk one may be more of a mask of personal truth, than a telling of it.
    One of the great things about us humans, and one of our real, everlasting glories, is that we can make beauty and amazement out of nearly nothing at all.   A battered hat becomes a herald for us, telling some of our personal tale to all who see us.  A string of beads made from seeds not only adorns our body, but connects us to the land we live on, and the creatures that surround us.  A worn out sweater becomes something else entirely; an object of grace, really, when worn with a true understanding of its uses and values.
    We use brilliant color and complex patterns to give eloquence and verve to our simple clothing, because we have not much to vary it with.  And sometimes we use brilliant color to give us strength to continue, when life seems dark and our troubles many.  So we let it speak loudly, and it brightens not only our own day, but others as well.
    And since for those of us with little to live on, and harsher conditions, our store of clothing, however small, is even more an armor and protection for us.  It is the final bulwark we have against the rude realities of existence.  We wear it as a warrior wears their buckler and shield.  It gives us something to fight with, when it seems we are being beaten down.
    This is a subject that bears much more time, but this, for me at least, is a start. I hope you've found this worthwhile, and revelatory.  It has been so for me.

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