Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hard At Work

    Perhaps we snow ourselves into thinking that the Attire language is a now and then sort of thing. Perhaps we think we step in and out of it, like we don and shed the clothing that is a part of it.  But we do not move away from Attire just because we are working, or because we are humble people with few garments to wear.  Our involvement continues, and other times, the results we craft, all unknowing, are poetic, wonderful, and deeply personal messages to the world around us.
    These images tell the story of how we continue to communicate ourselves, even when we are hard at work.  And along with that, it shows us just how astonishingly beautiful humans are, no matter who they are.
      No matter how simply stated, we express something of ourselves, our journey, and our dreams, even while we labor.

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