Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh, Monsieur Gaultier!

    I have a number of favorite designers from the classic to the wildly avant garde.  And one who manages to go in all those directions, is Jean Paul Gaultier.  Monsieur G has made a career of bending gender, breaking rules, and never for an instant forgetting one vital thing; people want to be beautiful and enticing.  So, however wildly he may experiment with form, or materials, or decoration, he never forgets to make it beautiful.  Sure, its sometimes a challenging beauty, a different way of seeing ourselves, like when he gets decidedly kinky in his designs, but there is an overarching theme of respect for the human spirit, blended with an irrepressible sense of fun.  There is a boyishly naughty aspect to what he does that I find charming.  And he loves poking fun at us, and our tendency to take ourselves far too seriously.  I applaud his relentless creativity and his desire to blur the lines, and then paint outside of them, while still making all his humans sexy as hell, and probably fun at a party too.
   So here is a selection of things from his S/S 2015 collection for women and men.  There are several things that, if I had the cash, I would be ordering up right now.

I'll admit that he's on my fantasy list of people I'd love to hang out with over dinner. Jean Paul?  If you're reading this, lets grab a glass of wine and chat a while.

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