Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Honest Thing

    However we may choose to dissemble, whatever superficial goals we have in mind to promote one image of ourselves over another, something happens that we cannot entirely control.  No matter how carefully we craft our personal vision by sculpting ourselves, literally, into a perfected version of us; no matter how much we spend on whatever apparel, and accessories, there is an ineluctable part that emerges that will be seen, regardless of how we attempt to conceal it.  That thing, that essential element, that base line statement, is us; the reality of who we are.  We cannot escape it, no matter how much we attempt to, no matter how much money, effort, and time we expend, we cannot escape our own true selves.
    Nor, frankly, should we wish to. Our essential self, that inside part of us, vulnerable, hurting very likely, and often frightened about rejection, yet ever hopeful of approval, should, in a perfected world, the world I personally want us to move towards, be unafraid of stating out loud, and in the most emphatic Attire language, "I AM ME". That always, and I do mean always, manages to get to the surface.  Often, especially among actors, politicians, and other professional persons whose livelihoods depend on the opinions of the public, it is difficult, without careful observational skills, to suss out the truths.
    For those people, there are folks, who make sure that the Attire statement presented to the public is exactly what is desired to achieve the goal in mind. Dressers, and style gurus, make sure that we, the public, see what they want us to see.  But, those personal truths exist, nonetheless; and can be observed by the observant.
    Whatever skill set an actor may bring to the table, on the red carpet, under the scrutiny of dozens of photographers, and acres of watching writers, and fans, hardly anyone would be able, or even fully willing, to conceal their true self. We get glimpses, always.  The same is true for or politicians.  If we are willing to look, really look deeply at what we are seeing; not just the requisite navy blue suit and red and blue tie, but REALLY see, the truth comes out, however they might wish to conceal it.
    And here's the thing, the One Honest Thing.  The Attire language, about which I speak endlessly, is an adjunct, only to our essential selves.  It is our essence which speaks loudest, no matter what we do to hide it from the world.  Better for us, better for everyone that we speak our truth, rather than some delicately crafted falsehood.
    So, when you see someone on the street, and you're ready to pass negative judgement, as nearly all of us do routinely; me included to my shame, look more deeply, if you're willing.  Try and see the center point, the soul point, if you will, of that person you were about to dismiss. You may be surprised, and pleased by what you find.

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