Monday, January 26, 2015

Lure of the Unexpected

    One of our many hard wired traits as a species, is an unquenchable curiosity about things we don't understand, or that we find surprising.  This is a characteristic that fuels a good deal of what Attire as a language accomplishes routinely.  Whether its a splash of brilliant color in a place we didn't think to see it, of a complete re-visioning of a known idea into something utterly new, we find ourselves powerfully drawn, even when we sometimes don't like what we're looking at all that much.
    It is that element of surprise, that delicious feeling of pleasure on seeing something new, something we didn't count on, that lays at the heart of so many of the choices we make as regards our apparel.  If we don't make those choices for ourselves, because we prefer the back ground to center stage, then we look for it in others.
    It is also one of the prime drivers of what we might define as visual drama in apparel. The volume, texture, pattern, or colorations of the entirety, or even of a single element, can, often do, take what might be a bald and uninteresting sartorial remark, and turn it into a visual haiku.
    The images I'm including below speak far more eloquently than I can about this.  Take a look, and winnow out the most important thing about each one. What is it that takes what you're looking at from the mundane, to someplace more unique?  And in the long run, we can use all the things shown here in our own ways, in our own world, to enhance our ability to communicate ourselves to others with our Attire.
    And please, tell me what you found!

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