Sunday, June 21, 2015

Constellation Africa

    The Pitti Uomo is the single most important men's fashion event in the world; drawing designers from all over the place together.  But one major area of the world has been woefully unrepresented till this year.  Constellation Africa was presented this year as a collection of designers from Africa finally got the opportunity to present their wonderful, energetic work in a global sense. 
    The unique viewpoint of the designers present had a verve and brilliancy that is often lacking in more established houses, that rely more on mass appeal than on getting an undiluted message out there.  This really is a wonderful step forward, long overdue.  These creative talents deserve to be seen and appreciated by the world community, and of course, by being seen, their ideas can filter into the Attire language more fully. 
    I've said many times before that much of good could be accomplished by making a real effort to understand what is being communicated by the apparel of others.  Events like this help that process along.  And I look forward to seeing these people's work get the larger recognition that they so obviously are entitled to.  Feast your eyes on this.

Oh hell yeah.


  1. These are great. Strong and much more cohesive than most of the trying-too-hard men's haute fashion designers.

    1. My feeling too! The energy here is just delicious.