Friday, June 12, 2015

Creating Expressiveness

    Complex levels of embellishment have long been in existence, but have always been the province entirely of the wealthy and the powerful.  And today that is still true, mostly.  But something is on the wind technologically that is going to change that.
    Robotics is changing the game.  As we continue to develop ever more sophisticated robots, that are able to accomplish smaller and smaller tasks of great complexity, the availability of deeply embroidered garments to the mass market is likely to surge.  Even now there are textiles out there with multiple sizes and types of sequins and beads applied to them, we sell some of them at the place where I work.   And there is nary a women's department anywhere that doesn't have many examples of clothes decorated with beads and sequins, that were done by robots.
    Do I think that the examples of couture beadwork I'm including below are going to disappear? No.  Not for some time will we be able to do some of the things you will see here with robots, but wait for it, its coming, and sooner than any of us could divine. And its likely too, that, as robotics continues to get more developed, the potential to have custom embroideries done on your garments also increases, so you could have a more singular visual statement to make.
    What that can mean for the Attire language is a huge leap forward in the potential complexity of a visual statement.  If a single garment, like these included, can have so many things to convey, an entire ensemble becomes more densely communicative.  And if in turn that communication is more truly, uniquely our own, so much the better.
    So, with all that in mind, go ahead and dream a little.  Inspire yourself with thoughts of bringing some of this to your own world and apparel dialog.
And don't forget to dream BIG!

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