Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Thread Between Us

    I fully admit to being a positive thinking, love and honor focused, everyone deserves a fair shake sort of fellow.  I am. So sue me. I honestly want to be part of a world where we manage to conduct our daily affairs with a minimum of rancor and dispute.  Again, sue me.
     I have not till just now really, considered fully the impact that the language of Attire could, or rather does have in real world terms, about binding us into a global community of Human People at last.   We all of us engage in this language every day, some more so, some less so, but the reality is, we all engage in it.  And unlike spoken tongues that are largely outside of our ken unless we choose to learn them, Attire soars past those boundaries in many ways.  Regardless of our culture we understand texture, color, and visual balance.  We understand on sight, volume, density, and functionality. So, when we look at apparel from some culture of which we know little, we can already glean considerable information that helps us in understanding; if, and that is a huge if, we are willing to look with open eyes.
     As well, global branding, as heinous as many think it, is doing one thing that is good, its enabling people all over the world to speak the same sartorial words; and so, have a tiny bit greater understanding of each other.  We are drawn inextricably closer by this. 
    So what I'm about here, this time, is to entreat you to open those baby blues of yours, or greens, hazels, or browns, and look, really LOOK at the people you pass on the street.  I am not suggesting that you look at them to categorize them, and dismiss them. We do that all too readily.  And honestly I think we rely on that diminishment of others far too often, to bolster our own sagging self esteem.  I'm suggesting that you look at them with an intention of trying to learn even the smallest bit of their truth.
    For example.  You see a woman on the street who is dressed in ultra tight, very bright clothing, with high heels.  Our first, probably knee jerk assessment would be to class her as a "working girl".  But we know nothing of the kind.  Look more closely.  Perhaps she is fairly screaming for someone, anyone to see her, not just her body, but her; and she doesn't feel competent to express it in any other way.
   Or maybe you see a fellow dressed in the dullest of clothing, ill fitted, and not well tended.  Our first impression would be to dismiss this man as a cipher.  But the reality may be that he's simply a profoundly introverted person, who, if we took a minute from our day, would reveal himself to be amazing, loving, and full of interests to share.
    My larger point is this:  Every one of us, the world over, regardless of status, nationality, sexuality, age, or religion, takes part each day in the the ongoing conversation that is Attire.  How much better for us all, if we were to learn to see, and understand this language we all use with greater facility, and honesty?  I can only hope that we will choose to use this enormous, complex, world spanning communicative resource to greater effect.

And honestly, if you were to ask me what I am about with this blog, that's it.

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